Kory Sharp

I'm an interactive developer living in Cleveland, OH with my wife Jen and our two dogs, Maya and Mcgee. When it comes to writing code, I've been referred to as a robot, a ninja, and even a prodigy. My DVD collection has exceeded 500, and I can have entire conversations in movie quotes. I've converted enough people to Apple products that you'd think I'm on their payroll. I'm no stranger to the kitchen and enjoy both cooking and baking. With over 25,000 songs in my iTunes library, I could go 67.5 days without hearing the same song twice. You'll often catch me browsing photos of my next vacation spot on Expedia or TripAdvisor. I hate beer but love bourbon. When I have down time, I like to play video games or strum on one of my guitars. And I'm a carnivore living with a vegetarian, so I look forward to going out to eat.read more

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Phone: (440) 725 6444
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